Wellbeing Resources

When faced with change, the adjustment can be tricky for many people. See below for a list of great online resources and information for young people if they are in need of extra support.

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Online Counseling Resources

Here are our recommendations for free, credible counseling services that are available to young people and parents.

7 Cups

24/7 online chat counseling, and forums for teens to chat with peers to get support and make friends along the way.


Mental health support for youth, teens, and families. Find resources and access to phone and chat support.


A great resource for parents when in need of some judgement-free phone advice by a qualified expert.

Educational Information

Here are a number of informative resources for young people that provide helpful age-appropriate advice on cyber safety topics and issues. 

Common Sense Media

Kid-friendly advice covering information on the challenges primary-age children face online, including cyberbullying.


Online safety program that provides age-appropriate resources to teach kids how to be safe online.

Law Stuff

Youth-focused resources providing easy-to-understand information on laws relating to cyber topics, including nudes and cyberbullying.